The German Foundation “Deutsche Chirurgie Stiftung” wants to support education in Namibia in the fields of science and medicine with the help of blended learning offerings in the field of e-learning. In Namibian the issue of e-learning in vocational education is currently under construction. Here the project "PUPILS HELP PUPILS" provides an initial analysis of the acceptance and feasibility of e-learning or blended learning projects. It also offers the opportunity to establish contacts between German and Namibian pupils.


The project


Senior class pupils of an advanced-level mathematics course of the German Gymnasium St. Christophorus will provide an online mathematical tutoring to Namibian vocational students of the CATS program.

The learning material will be available on the e-learning platform E-MED, which is supported by the International Medical College. The e-learning course is developed under special didactic aspects and complemented by exercises. The Namibian students will work weekly on these lessons and solve the exercises. Once a week a live lesson will be given via the conference system Netucate by the German students.



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